Why Research is Essential to Your Campaign Success

In order to develop a successful marketing campaign, you need to more than just what’s trending, you need to know who your audience is and what medium they are most receptive to.

When you rely on perceptions of who your audience is, what they value, what concerns they have and what lifestyle they choose, you could make avoidable mistakes that could be costly to your campaign, your brand and your business.

Real People

Your audience is real. They aren’t numbers on a graph, they aren’t voiceless, faceless drones. In fact, your customers have greater access to voicing their opinions of your business than ever before. However, this same access is also a benefit to your business. It gives you the opportunity to know the people who are using or seeking your business or products. Social media is full of analysis tools that can help you connect with the real people using your business. Shaping your marketing campaign based on the direct comments that your customers make has never been easier to research.

Directed Content

Once you have learned more about who your audience is, you can start creating the content that they want. From vlogs and blogs to promotions and events, shaping your campaign around the values of your audience can mean greater loyalty and connection with your customers. When you offer customers targeted recommendations and personalised content, people respond because they feel heard, connected to your message and respected by your business.

Rewarding Investment

As your brand and business grows or changes, so too will your audience. It is important to update your audience research. As society changes, so do people’s values and it is important to remain relevant. Investing in audience research by conducting surveys, polls and interviews, you can ensure that your business doesn’t miss the point.

Your marketing campaign needs to be focused on your audience. While social media might push you to post every day or Tweet about a subject, it is more important to consider who your audience is, what they value about your business and work on creating a marketing strategy based on original research.

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