What Are Your Interviewees Seeking?

What Are Your Interviewees Seeking

When your business is searching for new talent, you spend time writing a job description, determining what personality type would fit best with your team dynamic, what skills or qualifications you want the applicant to have and how a new employee will contribute to your business needs.

However, your job applicants are also assessing what they want from working with you. More than remuneration and benefits, people what to know how working with you will align with their needs and further their goals.

It is important to consider:

  1. Their values
  2. Their reputation
  3. Their culture
  4. Their expectations

As much as you are offering an opportunity, the applicant is offering you their skills, expertise, and commitment. A potential employee wants to understand how working for you is going to benefit their future too. Communicating with the interviewee during the initial interview can help you both.

Your transparency will:

  1. Reduce staff turnover
  2. Reduce HR costs
  3. Improve your business development
  4. Improve your staff dynamics
  5. Ensure you have the right people in the right roles

If you want a workplace filled with inspired employees who are committed to their roles, driven by your business success and engaged in your expansion goals, you need to consider the needs of those you want to incorporate into your team. If their values, goals, expectations and cultural needs do not align with those of the company, then it is likely that those people will not commit to working with you, or if they do, they will not be engaged and making the contribution you seek.

People need to feel that what they spend 8 hours a day doing fulfils their personal goals. Your employees are not unthinking drones who are there to serve you, they are real people who want to feel satisfied by what they are contributing. Be the role emptying rubbish bins or compiling data for academic discussion, people want to feel that their contribution counts. The way this is done is through the communication of business values, appreciation for people’s work and understanding of expectations. These things are fluid and work both ways.

Empower your interviewees by letting them know what your business stands for so that they can make an informed choice about accepting a position with your company. In this way, you will hire the right people for your business and establish lasting professional partnerships that satisfy the needs of your business and the needs of your workforce.

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