Secure Your Communication Network

Secure your B2B platform with a strategy that uses your data to manage cyber threats. LMW works with you to develop and maintain a security strategy for your ERP-integrated site. We focus on confidentiality, authenticity, integrity and non-repudiation to manage your network communications.

We make your unique eCommerce security needs our priority.

Your B2B security needs are different to those of other companies and solutions should be flexible enough to integrate with your legacy software. LMW’s cloud and gateway security services are adaptable to your needs, ensuring that your online business operations are fortified against cyber threats.

We provide your business with scalable security solutions.

We create a secure EDI infrastructure by assessing the communication channels your EDI software uses.

Regardless of whether you use a VAN or communicate directly with your partner, you should ensure that your EDI transactions are secured by using either the FTPs, or the SFTP or HTTPs protocols. LMW can create AS2 software specifically designed to be compatible with secure EDI methodologies.

Reduce breach and compliance risk with Privileged-Access Management. Unauthorized access to high-privilege network accounts and credentials can expose your business to serious compliance violations, privacy breaches, data theft and fraud. Secure your data with high-privilege accounts that are reserved for the exclusive access of network administrators and other leaders.

Protect your business and your clients with security solutions that work. LMW fortifies your business with the web security you need. Contact us to find out more.

We secure your network against vulnerabilities that threaten your business online.
Web Security

Reduce your exposure and create a closed security and compliance strategy with LMW.

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