Top Blog Templates for Businesses


Blogging for business is considered an essential part of marketing. Not only does a company blog generate more indexed pages and opportunities for you to be found in search engines, but research shows that you can earn 67{21dc2fe1b43c4cf57a2e25a56b286f09fbb32a45ddf34dcf04be366972dd7b06} more leads than those businesses not blogging.

While you might be creating high-quality content, the presentation of that content also matters. Many marketers rush to produce content but little thought to its final presentation as it is mostly shared on social media. However, the aim of high-quality content is to draw an audience to your website. Your blog needs to be given the same consideration for presentation as your website.

The following are basic blog templates that can be used to help communicate the tone of your blog and your business. While you can mix and match or create your own template, using more than the simple presentations that accompany many websites created to showcase your business and products will help your blog stand out as an actual marketing tool rather than just a page on your website.


Since corporate blogs attract visitors with strong visuals, Newspaper includes all the tools to help you outline information on your company and services with style. One of the top Envato themes, Newspaper supports full-width and high-resolution images, flexible blocks, and sticky navigation. With over 80 demo designs, a custom frontend page builder and 810+ ready-made layouts for pages and articles, Newspaper helps you build a professional online presence in no time. The theme is also responsive and AMP-ready.

With Newspaper, you can choose the right landing page for your industry from thousands of templates tailored for your site’s success. The theme is social network-friendly and has an exchange widget. Furthermore, the possibility to customize every aspect from your site with drag and drop makes Newspaper a must-have theme. Also, you can easily engage with your audience with regards to the latest news about your corporation website by using the tagDiv Newsletter and embedded codes from MailChimp, Mailer Lite or FeedBurner providers.


Gillion is a premium quality WordPress theme exclusive for the writing/publishing sectors. The developers built it with the Visual Composer and Unyson framework. They also made it fully customizable. Gillion has an improved admin panel to take away the need for programming and coding. Its layout provides unlimited color mixes, several header options, and blog-specialized features. The design is 100{21dc2fe1b43c4cf57a2e25a56b286f09fbb32a45ddf34dcf04be366972dd7b06} responsive and mobile-friendly.


SteadyIncome promises to provide exactly what its name suggests: a regular source of income for those who purchase it. This theme is best for blogging, corporate, online marketing and entrepreneur web pages. It has many versatile features, each designed to enhance your chances of success: ad optimization, a versatile tool for subscriptions, a gorgeous layout, and a dedicated section for featured products. If you want to experience the theme’s main features, be sure to access the excellent live theme demo. Upon purchasing this product, customers will benefit from limitless domain usage. In addition, installation is only a click away, thanks to its easy installer.


Typology is a WordPress theme specializing in texts and writing. It has a unique design that makes your website look good with or without images. You only have to write your content and publish it; Typology can handle all the rest. Typology home page counts with three sections ready to customize. It provides unlimited options of colors combinations and fonts. You can choose between 4 types of pagination and 6 layouts for your posts. You will get several custom widgets for more features. Add outstanding elements to your content with the 12 shortcodes that Typology brings to you.


Divi is one of the most popular themes on WordPress as of date. Its commitment to quality is impressive. With this product, your corporate blog will be a shining example for those who wish to design an excellent web page. The theme’s code is very streamlined and well-designed, assuring customers of a stellar browsing experience. A great increase in loading speed is the direct result of its good coding. Also, search engine optimization guarantees high search engine rankings. Most of all, Divi does all of the heavy lifting while you get to sit back and enjoy the fun parts such as customization.

In terms of personalizing content, this theme has a very innovative approach. Basically, all page elements are organized into blocks. When reorganizing your layout, you only have to move them around and place them where you need them to be. This eliminates the difficult process of having to alter your product’s code in order to implement significant changes. Also, this method has revolutionized website construction by turning everyone into a capable web designer. If you do not want to start from the beginning, you may instead install one of the 18 premade theme layouts. They can act as launching pads for further changes, and they can give you an idea of how a page layout should be constructed.


Schema is an ideal WordPress theme for those who wish to improve their web pages. This theme has fast loading speeds, great for business blogging.

You would want a high search engine ranking for your content, considering that even a good site can fail if it does not attract enough attention. Schema can be completely SEO-optimized, and it is capable of bringing many views. This theme includes a lot of widgets and shortcodes, a pixel-perfect layout, and a personalized options panel. The creators included a live demo for those who want to sample the product before making a decision. Customers will benefit from limitless domain usage, as well as the one-click installation process that simplifies everything.


Ronneby is a theme that has been built to be an all-inclusive package for professional, personal, business or commercial purposes. And its stylish, sleek and smooth visual presentation, as well as its dozens of blog layout options and styles, make it an excellent theme for corporate blog websites.

If you are looking for a theme that can empower you to create impressive blog websites with a robust codebase and light server load times to easily handle large scale audiences and massive, demanding usage, while effectively and expressively communicating your content in a favorable, legible and engaging spotlight that can be completely customized to suit your specific branding needs without ever having to write a single line of code, Ronneby is exactly what you seek. Ronneby assures you that your blog will always look its best.


Anemos has been created to be a streamlined, single solution for all your website building needs. It is focused on blogging and blog-related platforms. Furthermore, Anemos features a competent set of tools that allow it to handle the most diverse arrangements of multimedia content, heterogeneous audience demographics and different methods of monetization.


Kalium is a versatile and noteworthy theme that has been jam-packed with advanced and sophisticated shortcodes, lively and ready-made page templates and full-fledged and filled-out demo websites for a vast range of diverse website applications, fields and industries across the board, all sharing a single unifying trait—a powerful creative drive that needs open room to express itself effectively online.

This theme is ideal for businesses and corporate websites to be able to express themselves to their customers in an effective manner. With its beautiful pre-designed blog layouts, putting your word out there is easier than ever before. Kalium is dressed to impress with attractive stylings and presentations that will engage your audience and positively impact your corporate image in the short and long term. Furthermore, it is readily modifiable and developer-friendly for easy fine-tuning and modification. Get down to business, with Kalium!


When building a corporate blog, all you need is a dope WordPress theme and all the rest immediately becomes history. Disto is one of the best tools that you can now get on the market, fully compatible with building all sorts of different blogs. If you fancy writing about corporate and business topics, by all means, let Disto do its things and present your compelling content on the web in the best possible light. It comes with a whopping collection of 10 different demos, all set and ready to use.


Squaretype is another superb corporate blog theme alternative that will get you going in little to no time. There is nothing you need to build from scratch when using Squaretype. Heck, you will not even need to touch a single string of code if you would like to personalize the design. Squaretype comes with a great pack of amazingness and is full of page layouts and other practical elements and features. Kick things off with any of its nine ready-to-use samples and start your successful blogging journey strong.

An entirely editable hero section, sidebar and background options, online store section, auto loading and post view counter are just a few of the specialties of Squaretype.


If you are on the hunt for something a tad different, you will want to go with Yolox. This creative, contemporary and original corporate blog theme will set you apart with ease. Whether you would like to go super niche or build a more general blog, with Yolox, you can do them both and then some. While there are very many samples at your disposal, you can shift to the next gear by activating the all-around Elementor. It is a drag and drop page builder that allows everyone to make customizations entirely without coding.

Instagram feed, MailChimp, Event Calendar, Slider Revolution, header and footer builder; you name it, Yolox is packed with heaps of treats. The flexibility and extendability go over and beyond, too. Yolox operates seamlessly on all modern devices, browsers and retina screens.


Paperio is a reliable framework for articulating sharp and functional blogs. Its seven unique demo websites let you speed up the design and development process. Customization is fast and effortless through the Live Customizer plugin. Several header and footer styles will surely fit any tone and niche. The Sophisticated MegaMenus provide a clean visual hierarchy for your blogs. Moreover, limitless color palette options provide a quick coat of paint at a moment’s notice.

Built-in social media feeds and widgets connect seamlessly with your social profiles. Corporations and businesses love Paperio in terms of creating an online presence. This is because it provides you with the tools to achieve engagement and information without complications. Engaging featured content sliders recirculate your crucial campaigns and content. Latest posts widgets keep your audience interested, while popular posts provide further depth. This theme comes off as professional yet enticing. With its effective SEO tools, your corporate blog will definitely climb the ranks overnight. Attract more traffic and monetize it with convenient ad block elements. Overall, Paperio is the theme to take your corporation’s profile to the next level.


Unicon is a delightfully colorful theme that is constructed from scratch in a top-down approach, focusing strongly on end-user navigational experience, content legibility and readability, back-end intuitiveness and ease of use, as well as customization power and prowess. Additionally, Unicon is uniquely capable of producing engaging and immersive modern websites across a huge expanse of industries, interests and fields.

Unicon also comes with the powerful Visual Composer page builder and includes over 50 custom-developed Page Builder elements, sophisticated one-page website options and Parallax hardware-powered One-Page dynamically loaded scrolling, beautiful blog layouts and more. These make Unicon a great fit for a corporate or business blog website. This theme also includes several header design possibilities, a powerful advanced Admin Panel with potent Theme Options, complete WooCommerce integration out of the box and over 650 Ultrasharp Icons to liven up your every page in a flash.


Redwood is a versatile and flexible theme built for the modern blogosphere, with powerful tech-savvy tools and features that can plant any blog firmly in the new era. It includes sophisticated social media integration, gorgeous CSS3 styling, dynamically loaded endless pages with Parallax hardware-powered smooth scrolling and expansive HTML5 elements such as seamless video backgrounds and much more.

These features make Redwood a fantastic fit for the design, development and maintenance of any kind or type of corporate or business blog website. With its deeply creative layouts and easy-to-use visual page builder, packing a ton of custom sections and post types, as well as beautiful Promo Boxes, functional Music Posts, Instagram Widgets with feeds, Sticky Navigation and thorough mobile-friendliness, Redwood is a theme best suited for blogging your way to success.


Pofo is a professional and adaptable corporate blog theme with everything you need at your service. This theme has over 25 demos to choose from, each unique, optimized and beginner-friendly. Simply install the sample you prefer with one click, and adjust it to your needs. Yes, it truly is as simple as it sounds!

With the integrated drag-and-drop page builder, you can effortlessly customize the theme’s look and even create your own unique layouts. More than 150 elements and 200 templates await every user. In short, combine Pofo with your creative thinking and you can easily stand out from the crowd.

Planta Business

Planta Business is a minimalist WordPress theme with five different home demos. The demos are coupled with 25 other handy pages which will speed up the process of creating the website of your dreams. You can also alter the default look of each layout to suit your branding and enrich it with your personal style. When you start utilizing Planta Business, you will immediately notice how simple the creative process is. Not only that, but very little time will pass from the moment you start to the second you launch your corporate blog.

Indeed, Planta Business is also compatible with most mobile devices, Retina screens and web browsers to ensure a smooth and stable experience and website operation. It is also fully search-engine-optimized to make sure you get the most out of the organic traffic.


If you are looking to create a corporate blog, ProStart is the WordPress theme that has you fully covered. It is a startup and corporate-based tool, and with the addition of a beautiful blog, it can make your online presence boom effortlessly. Pick the demo that best fits your company needs, install it and you can already start playing around with different features and elements that ProStart has in store for you.


Writing is a wonderful WordPress theme with a simple, descriptive name and a straightforward approach. It enhances your posts in just the right place, leading to a pleasurable blogging experience for your loyal readers. This theme is somewhat a hybrid between minimal, modern, and classic blog styles, bringing together their best attributes.

Some of the most successful corporations on the planet have learned a valuable lesson: typography matters. Although content and context are of paramount importance, presentation facilitates the distribution of content. Writing’s typography is absolutely beautiful and is an assurance that your site will be very popular. Every element was simplified and streamlined, allowing those without technical knowledge to create an awesome website. This theme does all of the heavy lifting, leaving you to focus on what truly matters: producing great content.


Just as its name suggests, this is an expert WordPress theme that can increase your website’s chances of success. A ton of research went into the development of this product, and it is obvious that it was a true passion project. The general layout attempts to maximize user conversion rate, as it is easy to understand and navigate. Take note that content delivery is crucial when attempting to gain followers.

It is not enough to simply bring people over to your page; once you have their attention, this theme will impress them with outstanding. It features thin headers that also include social icons. The header’s diminutive size allows for more content, and makes better use of screen space. Also, the inclusion of social icons will make sure that interested customers can contact you or your representatives.

The inclusion of a promotion box will prove to your clients that you are definitely worthy of their attention. Meanwhile, the ability to upload a personal photo will add some much-needed personal charm. Business deals are more successful when clients know that they are dealing with a real person, and not just a soulless web page. Overall, this is an excellent theme that manages to retain its complexity, while keeping a very user-friendly interface.


For those who want to create an amazing blog, BuzzBlog is a perfect choice. It can enhance both personal and corporate sites because it has a very versatile toolkit. BuzzBox’s adaptability allows it to fit any device, regardless of its screen size or resolution.

Additionally, this theme has several header styles, unlimited styles support, 15 personalized templates for pages, 8 custom widgets, gallery slideshow and more. It is virtually impossible for a customer to be disappointed, given BuzzBox’s outstanding quality. Also, the Admin panel is very user-friendly and intuitive. Every tab is where it needs to be, so you can find the right setting in just a few moments. You will be able to change fonts, alter the theme’s colors, and change layout types and gallery settings. In addition, site owners can export or import Theme Options.

All header settings are under your control. You can select sticky or normal header variations, and it is possible to implement a picture as a header background. Altogether, there are 7 different layouts for blogs: Masonry 2,3,4 columns, Full Width, Sidebar left, Blog with slideshow, and Sidebar right. Lastly, you can turn your blog into a truly multilingual site because this theme makes content elements translatable.


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