Three Ways to Recruit with AI


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a fact of our future. Ignoring the tools or not informing yourself of the benefits or drawbacks of such tools will not advantage your business. So how is AI used in recruiting and what should you know about AI?

Unconscious Bias

Unconscious Bias has long been an issue in recruitment. AI offers to help solve this issue; but how?

Using AI, algorithms are created for recruiters to narrow down the number of job applicants that suit the job criteria. This algorithm might include information such as ‘dramatics arts students are good at communicating’ which could see someone who has no made reference to such experience, but who has extensive public speaking experience, overlooked. To avoid this, the tool must be ‘taught’ to recognise a wider range of options.

What is of benefit is the opportunity to remove bias, such as gender or race. Some people might be overlooked because they have a last name that sounds ‘foreign’ because of unconscious human bias. AI can be adapted to ensure that a person’s name is not a deciding factor in whether they are given an opportunity to interview for a job.

Gendered language is another hurdle for people to recognise. AI tools can be used to pick up the nuanced gendered language that is used inadvertently and thereby offer jobs in a more diverse and ethical manner.

AI can also be tailored to help you conduct a targeted candidate search. AI tools can do the work for your HR department of finding people who are right for your job. This adaptation can help ease the burden on your human resources and increase productivity.

AI Recruiting Assistants

Chatbots are fast becoming the tool of 2019. People are increasingly comfortable interacting with chatbots and even find them preferable for answering simple questions or scheduling appointments.

This could be advantageous for your hiring process in many ways. Having a chatbot take control of scheduling, replying to common candidate questions and connect with your candidates fast can help to solidify a relationship with your potential new employees and give your HR professionals time to focus on the detailed aspects of assessing potential candidates and interviewing.

This technology can also be used to develop relationships with your talent pool. When you recruit it is likely that you will have many high-skilled and desirable candidates. You might not have enough job roles to hire the candidates that you think would be a welcome addition to your team. However, you can use AI to maintain a relationship with those candidates. Sending them personalised updates about your company or future hiring opportunities can be automated so that those people feel valued. This database creation can be automated and personalised, so much like creating a sales lead, this process can create leads to high-skilled people who want to work with you.

Optimised Job Posting

As discussed, one of the major benefits of AI is its adaptation to language detection. From detecting gendered language to searching for industry buzzwords, tools can be used to create job postings that reach the job candidates that are looking for your opportunities.

AI tools can be used to compare your job description with your competitors and help you craft a precise and effective job description that is industry-specific and can advance your job ad in searches.

Finding the right people for your business is essential to your business success. Using advanced technology to reach those people does come with some questions, so adapting AI to ensure it is used ethically and to your advantage means having the right people to support your use of technology in all its forms.


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