Things You Can do Today to Boost Your Business

Having a structured business plan should include your marketing strategy, and part of that strategy should include using the latest digital techniques to promote your business to the right audience. In 2019, there have been developments to digital marketing that you should not ignore if you want to stay ahead.


  1. Chatbots

This AI-based technology is set to help save businesses an estimated $8 billion per annum by 2022, and some surveys suggest that many people prefer chatbots.

The technology is fast, responsive, can recall customer data accurately, and never get frustrated with customers. They can complete automated tasks, so you can focus your resources on more complex tasks. Well-programmed chatbots will become very effective tools for the banking and healthcare sectors in the coming years.

Car-sharing apps are already using chatbots effectively to communicate with passengers and drivers and give ap users options across a range of platforms.

The biggest advantage of chatbots is 24/7 access to customer service for your customers, meaning higher rates of customer retention for your business.


  1. Video Content

No longer just the dominion of YouTube, video content is essential to the success of any marketing campaign. Just like TV once demanded the advertising space once given to print and radio, video marketing is giving customers the interactive experience of your product or business that can help them make a decision.

From live broadcasts on various social media to smart videos and vlogs, people are craving interactive content that allows them to get closer to you and your business.


  1. Social Media Messaging

While you might have been messaging friends and family for years, it’s time to start using the technology to communicate with your customers.

By using the same strategies like telemarketing and email marketing to segment and analyse your audience, you can send customers alerts about things that are important to them. Making personalised contact with customers through messaging is a non-intrusive way to ensure that you connect with your customers about things that are important to them, such as sales or discounts, or changes to services.


  1. Visual Search

With visual search, users can upload an image to search for more specific results. Using tools, such as Google Lens, people can take a photo and search for something, such as a book or building or even your business card.

For this tool to be successful for your business, you need to ensure you have high-quality visual content that will rate highly in searches. So use plenty of original content that catches attention and get ahead with this technology that is set to become more important in the coming years as it is adapted and improved.

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