Quizzes for B2B Lead Generation   

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Quizzes are an engaging tool. A quick quiz can repackage your content and present your information to a sharable format to a larger audience. Including a quiz as part of an email campaign will see your follow on email six times more likely to be opened. But how do you write a quiz for your B2B audience? We have some tips to help you generate new leads.


Choosing a Topic

To take your leads through the funnel, you need to provide content that answers questions, solves problems and provides solutions. Your B2B product or service provides solutions for your clients.

Knowing your product and knowing your audience should inform the content that you create. Ask yourself, what questions do our clients often ask? What information do they need? Think of your quiz as a fun way to package new information, such as improved products or services. Test your clients’ knowledge and let people compare their results.

Results from one company that created a quiz to update their pricing structure saw 70{21dc2fe1b43c4cf57a2e25a56b286f09fbb32a45ddf34dcf04be366972dd7b06} of viewers complete the quiz, 71{21dc2fe1b43c4cf57a2e25a56b286f09fbb32a45ddf34dcf04be366972dd7b06} convert on the lead form, and 80{21dc2fe1b43c4cf57a2e25a56b286f09fbb32a45ddf34dcf04be366972dd7b06} click out to learn more about their products and services.


The Right Size

You need enough questions to challenge your audience, but not so many that they feel overwhelmed – more than five and less than 20 is a good place to start. Using different formats is also a way to keep people engaged. Try using a mix of true and false, multiple choice and rank ordering.


Capture Your Leads   

The purpose of your quiz is to generate leads, so you need to incorporate ways to capture those leads. You can place your quiz behind a form on a landing page or embed a lead form in your content; the idea is to deliver ROI on a quiz by getting your lead contacts.


Offer Value

If leads have provided their details to do your quiz, you need to ensure that the quiz offers valuable information. Making your content valuable is as simple as providing the correct answers or offering a white paper download, or even an ebook, just make sure that your CTA on the lead form informs your lead of what they will be getting.


The Basics   

Designing a B2B quiz can seem overwhelming at first, but following these four basics: topic, size, capture and value. Creative content is a great way to keep your audience engaged and generate new leads. Give your audience value and lead them down the sales funnel with ease.


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