Predictions for B2B Marketers in 2020


Beautiful shiny things are easy to find, often affordable and forgettable. Our values have shifted from wanting possession of things to wanting unique experiences, even when buying ‘things’. This attitude has permeated into the B2B market too. While the relationship with clients in B2B operations has always been vital, it is now predicted to be of higher value than your product.

So how do you offer that valued experience alongside your quality product?

B2B Clients Will Reward Those That Pay Attention to Them

Customer centricity is the focus of 2020 marketing. Product-centric strategic planning and campaigning will not attract leads or increase your ROI.

  • The value proposition for B2B CDPs (customer data platforms) will shift from data integration to activation. CDP adopters will move beyond core data integration use cases to build more precise audiences for activation, leveraging AI-powered decisions and broad integrations to begin automating and orchestrating buyer journeys.
  • Seller engagement will increase, even as more transactions close digitally. The number of business buyers last year who said they found interacting with a representative more valuable than researching on their own increased. It suggests that value and involvement in transactions of all types have increased.
  • Sales enablement will expand its scope and more frequently operate within the marketing organisation. Companies in which sales enablement reports into marketing exceed revenue expectations on a more regular basis. It is expected that more than half of B2B organisations will realign their sales enablement function into marketing.

It is expected that the overall buying experience will combine elements of human, physical, and digital engagement next year.

So how do you make the most of your customer experience of you work exclusively online?

  • Shift your website focus on relationships over products
  • Ensure you have multiple customer support avenues
  • Assign client representatives to your most valued customers
  • Give answers and provide solutions
  • Ensure your site works on all devices
  • Ensure that your segmentation and personalisation is up to date


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