How to Vlog for B2Bs

How to Vlog for B2Bs


YouTube continues to be one of the most popular sites on the Internet. Not in the US, not in the EU, just one of the most popular sites worldwide. The site, launched in 2005, is the third most visited site in the world, following Google and Facebook. In terms of marketing, surveys show that 64{21dc2fe1b43c4cf57a2e25a56b286f09fbb32a45ddf34dcf04be366972dd7b06} of people are more likely to buy a product after watching a YouTube video.


In terms of B2B marketing, vlogging is an effective way to expand your audience, promote your brand and improve your search rankings. When used as part of a comprehensive marketing campaign, vlogs can generate new leads in markets that might otherwise be difficult to penetrate. They are also a great way to give clients access to your company, such as meeting management, seeing operations, demonstrating products and services or hosting interviews or information sessions.



Providing engaging video content is not easy. While many videos may appear to be impromptu or organic, having a script, storyboard and professional-grade recording equipment will benefit your campaign. Your content is aimed at other businesses and professionals, so having a phone recorded improvised moment as part of your campaign might not strengthen your image.


Your Blogs – You can use your blogs as inspiration or even rework the content for a vlog format. This strategy can be an effective way to supplement your written content and increase blog readership.


Your Brand – Telling people who you are and what you do is important. Giving your company a human face can change your public image. Hiring actors or models to fill these roles is fine if you are consistent and transparent.


Your Product – Demonstrating what you do or offer can be dry. So be sure to test this content before you launch it. Keep demonstrations short, to the point and meaningful. Don’t tell your clients things they already know, try to add helpful tips that they might not have learned from using your product or service.



You need to ensure that you manage your YouTube channel the same way you would manage any other social media channel. That means branding your channel on creation, filling in all your company details, categorising your content for easy access and including regular updates. You need to ensure that your YouTube channel becomes part of your omnichannel strategy.


The success of your vlog can be tracked in YouTube Analytics, which provides a variety of metrics. While your YouTube campaign can take time to create, it can fast become an indispensable part of your marketing strategy as you reach audiences B2B that might have seemed unattainable.


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