How to Use Twitter for B2B Marketing – Five Quick Tips


Marketing is about sharing ideas with a large audience in a fast and effective way. Social media is about connecting with peers instantly. When these two ideas come together, advertising is elevated to a new level.

As we have seen in the past decade, instant mass communication is a powerful tool. With the increase in characters from 140 up to 280 in 2017, (in all languages except Chinese, Japanese, and Korean). The microblogging platform has been adapted by its users, and the company allowed innovation to be inspired by the interactions of Twitter users, such as hashtags, @ and retweets.


Using Twitter

To make the most of the platform to engage your audience and boost your brand, try these tips.


Q and A

Twitter is a service, and using it as a means to communicate with your prospective clients is easy. Research your competitors, look at user questions and then use your Twitter feed to give answers to questions that you see often asked. Reach your clients by preempting their needs.


Share Your Knowledge

Make your Twitter feed a source of invaluable content. Take the time to research, write and present quality content that means clients see your business as an industry leader and develop a strong brand reputation.


Win Friends and Influencers

Start following, tweeting and retweeting posts and other engagements with people in your industry. Developing a strong network on Twitter is easy. There are many third-party tools that you can use to find influences in your industry, including KoMarketing, BuzzStream, FollowerWonk and LinkedIn Advanced Search.


The Rule

Using the 80/20 rule, you can engage your audience without annoying them. About 80{21dc2fe1b43c4cf57a2e25a56b286f09fbb32a45ddf34dcf04be366972dd7b06} of your social media content should be blogs, vlogs or other informative high-quality content, while only 20{21dc2fe1b43c4cf57a2e25a56b286f09fbb32a45ddf34dcf04be366972dd7b06} should be about selling your services.


Avoid Spam

There are plenty of spammers on Twitter. The best way to remain legitimate is to make sure that your numbers match. If you have too many spammers following you, people are less likely to take your brand seriously. To limit the number of spammers following you, make sure you vet your followers.


Using Twitter to attract B2B clients is fast and easy if you use the platform wisely. Decide which clients you need to reach, start producing the right content, then build connections. The strategy is easy and it works fast if you have the right content to attract your audience and make yourself an industry leader.


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