How to Leverage Your Brand Difference


Knowing your customer persona is the key to knowing what unique sales propositions your brand has to offer.

Leveraging your brand is all about creating a point of difference from your competitors.

Your customers need to see and identify with your unique selling proposition to not only part with their cash but also become a loyal customer.

So, here are 8 ways that you can leverage your brand.

Be The Best

Do not imitate your competitors and be nonapologetic for being unique. Ensure that you can back up your claims as ‘the best’ by providing high-quality products or services, and devoting part of your business to excellence in customer service.

Have a Personality

Understand all your customer touchpoints. Know how your customers make their journey through your sales funnel. Be there for your customers in the ways that they have expressed that they want your support through their journey, such as providing price comparison charts, or making follow up phone calls, or live support.

Explore Options

Just because your competitors are pitching in a certain style doesn’t mean you have to follow suit. Be willing to think differently about how you could market your brand. If your competitors’ websites and pitches all look and sound the same, no one is going to notice you without a new approach. If all B2B logistics websites have images of trucks and boxes, and this is also your industry, perhaps think of new ways to visually represent logistics services in ways that are purposeful and different.

Revisit your Brand

Update your logo, color palette, tag lines, and fonts about every 7 years to ensure that your image is fresh and not dated. Your brand should always represent your core values, so updates should only need to be minor, like swapping out 2015s pastels for the 2020s saturated hues.

Invite Employees to Participate

Ask your employees to comment on social media, write blogs, or share photos. Having an engaged team who feel a sense of ownership working with your company can help to not only boost an image of loyalty and belong, but it also projects a sense of transparency which generates trust and loyalty in customers too.

Respect Your Customers

How your customers that you appreciate them by giving them time when responding to correspondence, always giving them the benefit of the doubt, and by allowing your customers to feel heard and answered. This means providing excellent customer service, making yourself available and accountable, and supporting your customers on their journey.

Know Your USP

Do you have one-of-a-kind product offers that attract customers to your brand? If you do, this is what you need to be telling everyone who will listen! Your unique value proposition is your most valuable asset in brand leveraging. If you have something no one else does, and it is something that all your customers want, make a big deal about it so people can become loyal customers of your brand.

Make it Attractive 

Never underestimate the allure of beautiful packaging. People will want to pick up, touch, and even smell, a product that looks inviting. If your product is a service, you can still make it look inviting with a website that is intuitive to use, following modern, sleek design.


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