Ethical Hacking

Evaluate Your System Security

Launch an authorized simulated cyberattack to evaluate the security of your system. Find vulnerabilities using an automated or manual ethical hack to detect weaknesses in your web security.

LMW provides penetration testing of your system to ensure that you aren't open to sinister threats.

Our ethical hacking methods simulate real-time systems assessment to determine if an unauthorized user can access your data and to determine what damage might be possible.

ECommerce platforms are complex. No two systems are the same. Conventional OWASP methods, such as XSS and SQL injection, aren’t sufficient methodologies for eCommerce.

LMW develops a testing methodology that is unique to your site.

We execute internal and external attacks.

While many security protocols overlook internal security, LMW helps you to identify intranet threats that you might not have considered. Our external attack plan includes giving our testers the IP of the target system and no other information. Testers search and scan public web pages and find information about target hosts and then compromise those hosts by testing servers, firewalls, and IDS.

Our automated systems scan your web, mobile, host and cloud platforms for vulnerabilities.

Automatically prioritised reports are shared with you and our human testers who evaluate the found threats.

Our Unique Methodology

We test your system according to a plan.

Our combination of automated and human testing is designed to eliminate false positives. Our focus on eCommerce means your security is assured.

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