Does Your Business Need a Blog?


Marketeers answer this question with a resounding ‘yes’ every time it comes up in business meetings; do we really need a blog?

The costs involved in creating and maintaining a blog are high. If your blog content is written by staff, it needs to be created, edited and monitored to ensure that it is useful and valuable for your business. You might choose to have an in-house writer or outsource project to ghostwriters, and you still need to write a concept schedule and publishing schedule. The content needs to be coordinated with your social media and other marketing campaigns to ensure that you are communicating a cohesive and consistent message.

It all becomes rather complex and costs can mount quickly.

So does your business really need a blog? We’ve compiled some questions to help you navigate the subject and answer the question at your next business meeting with confidence.

Do You Have Something of Value to Share?

The internet is flooded with information. Some of it is valuable and reliable, most of it is not. If you are not making a valuable contribution and answering questions for your customers, do you really need to blog?

Your content should be rich with research findings, insights into your industry or stories of success that inspire others. Your content needs to provide value. If it doesn’t, don’t blog.

Do You Have the Resources?

Is your marketing team able to rise to the challenge of producing a regular blog? If you have a writer who is interested in researching and writing your blogs, they should be used. Your writer should be given the freedom to approach blog content creation from various angles, such as interviews, white paper appraisals and case studies. However, this means that your executive team also need to be willing to work closely with your marketing department.

Is Your Blog Different?

While content is still ‘king’ in the world of marketing, most topics have been covered and the space is over-saturated. Your blog needs to be different, captivating and unique.

Consider how you could create a vlog or podcast that reaches your audience in novel ways. Rather than following the crowd, walk in the other direction and take the attention of your audience with you. Such moves mark your business as progressive.

Why are you Blogging?

Are you blogging because everyone else is? Are you blogging weekly because your marketing agency said you should? Or are you blogging because your customers are reading your content and want to engage with your business?

If you are just doing what you think you should, then stop. Assess the quality of the content you are producing. You don’t have to axe blogging from your strategy, but you might need to go deeper to producing content that represents the best interests of your business.

No, you might not need a blog. However, you do need content. Post material that is pertinent to your industry. Take the time to analyse reports and publish well-researched and considered pieces that inform your customers. Add value with every piece you post by curating your content and developing a strategy.

Does your blog?

  • Add value
  • Inform your audience
  • Generate new leads
  • Direct potential customers further down the sales funnel
  • Contribute to your industry
  • Advance discussion
  • Approach discussion in novel ways
  • Elevate your business profile

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