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Top Marketing Quotes to Motivate Your Campaign

We all have days that drag on with what feels like little productive output, but when this turns into days (or weeks) it’s time to look for some inspiration. Marketing is not new, and there are probably more failed campaigns than successful ones.

Need Help with Your Data-Driven Strategy?

As technology continues to advance and throw an increasing number of exciting new platforms from which to reach audiences, it can be difficult as a marketer to know which lead to follow and what strategy to develop.

Three Ways to Recruit with AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a fact of our future. Ignoring the tools or not informing yourself of the benefits or drawbacks of such tools will not advantage your business. So how is AI used in recruiting and what should you know about AI? Unconscious Bias Unconscious Bias has long been an issue in recruitment. AI […]

Things You Can do Today to Boost Your Business

Having a structured business plan should include your marketing strategy, and part of that strategy should include using the latest digital techniques to promote your business to the right audience. In 2019, there have been developments to digital marketing that you should not ignore if you want to stay ahead.   Chatbots This AI-based technology […]

How to Define Your Audience and Generate Leads

In order to be a successful B2B or B2C business owner, you need to know who your customers are and how to contact them. People might be interested in your service or products, but if they don’t know who you are or where to find you, your business cannot generate the revenue you need to […]

Why Research is Essential to Your Campaign Success

In order to develop a successful marketing campaign, you need to more than just what’s trending, you need to know who your audience is and what medium they are most receptive to. When you rely on perceptions of who your audience is, what they value, what concerns they have and what lifestyle they choose, you […]

Data Mining to Boost Your Business

Technology has provided businesses with an opportunity to know its customers like never before. Social media, search engine inputs, and web clicks all provide a trail of data that can be followed to ensure you reach your target audience. Knowing who your customer is and what common attributes your customer base share can help you […]

Discover Your Genius with Combinatory Play

Albert Einstein is credited with coining the phrase ‘combinatory play’ in a letter to French mathematician Jacques S. Hadamard when describing to Hadamard how is thought processes worked. Einstein wrote that combinatory play is: ‘the act of opening up one mental channel by dabbling in another’ and he considered it ‘the essential feature in productive […]

Accessing Datasets to Determine Your Marketing Strategy

What is a dataset? A ‘dataset’ is a file that contains one or more records. The record is the basic unit of information used by a program running on z/OS. Any named group of records is called a dataset. Datasets contain information such as medical records, banking details, or personnel records, which are used by […]