B2B Viral Marketing


While B2C viral marketing is a ‘thing’, it is less common in the B2B world. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. Viral marketing is about over the top reach. And some marketers will tell you that if it isn’t viral, your campaign has not been successful. While such a limited view of success might see you actually miss some important details about customer loyalty and market stability, taking your campaign to the peaks of success is not as difficult as it might first seem.


The benefits of viral marketing include:


  • Reaching a new audience
  • Targeted email, whitepapers, social media and other online marketing efforts
  • Generating highly qualified leads


How do you create a campaign that goes viral? Here are some ideas to help inspire your next B2B marketing campaign.

For content to have the opportunity to go viral, it needs to first be relatable. Hitting the social consciousness at the right time is not about good luck, but about good management. Take the time to follow the news. Have your social media manager create a strategy that is sensitive to the marketplace. If you can sense the atmosphere changing, try and be the first to enter the social commentary in a way that captures the right attention.


Reaching viral status requires a solid understanding of current affairs, usually as they relate to the US market. Be sure to follow news developments so that you can tweak your social media and marketing campaigns in ways that best represent your B2B interests. One advantage of B2B marketing is the lack of public exposure of your advertising, so there is less pressure when choosing a brand ambassador. However, it is still important to know what message you are sending and how it feeds into the social conversation so that your clients will respect your business on its merits and not shun you based on a poor marketing campaign.


It is possible for B2B advertising to be fun, engaging and informative. Seasonal GIFs that show off your tech capabilities; competitions with cash prizes; tapping into tech and showing its limitations in a blog; videos that make fun of your product or service, but manage to show how useful it still is; all these techniques are tried and tested success stories of B2B viral marketing.


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