B2B Blog Inspiration – 7 Top Tips


Producing content can, at times, be a challenge. However, there are seven go-to ideas to find a source of inspiration for your next piece. B2B content should be engaging and relevant to your audience. Using your business data and analysis for inspiration, you should find plenty of primary sources to create engaging content. The following tips will give you a solid ground to create content that is varied, engaging and valuable for your audience.

Recent industry-related news – Making assessments and critically analysing news stories and industry developments can help establish your brand as an industry leader. When you share your views on developments and how they might affect your industry, you become a go-to guide for peers and competitors alike.


Long-tail keywords – If you do keyword research, you’ll find a number of long-tail keywords for your industry that will elevate your ranking on search engines such as Google. You need to review your keywords lists on a regular basis and measure your rankings. Your ideal customer uses these keywords to find you, and by basing the content on specific keywords, you improve your chances of being sound with improved SEO.


Respond to blog comments – Check your own blog for comments, as well as those of your competitors. You can also read Quora and Reddit posts on your industry to discover topics your audience is interested in learning more about. By responding to common questions with a clear and in-depth blog, you can get the attention of all those people wanting answers but not knowing where to find them.


State your position – Present a thoughtful and factual point of view on a subject. Taking a strong position on the subject tends to generate more comments and social sharing, which can increase your traffic and subscribers. You can state an opinion in a respectful and inclusive way by presenting facts and sharing data that supports your position.


Answers common questions – In any industry, customers have questions they want answered but which seem to illude the attention of marketers. Rather than presuming that your audience knows the answer to a question, like how do I trade bitcoin, give a step-by-step guide. Give your customers access to easy answers that they will return to. This is evergreen content and forms the basis for your blog content.


Hot industry topics – Blogging about industry hot topics can generate a lot of interest and engagement. Writing about the environment, the economy, politics and even the latest trending public figure can attract a lot of public attention, which can drive traffic to your website and secure leads.


Guest bloggers – Generate interest with a special guest. It’s a tried and test way of cross-marketing to audience segments that overlap but might not otherwise engage without the collaboration. This strategy can broaden your audience and introduce you to new customers.


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