6 Strategies for Better B2B Relationships


The basis for any relationship is communication. In B2C, customer service has formed the core of operations, until more recently as technology has created an element of autonomy over transactions.

In B2B, customer service has not played a central role. However, this expectation is changing as buyers expect a high-level of support, contact and interaction. This value is the foundation to improving your revenue, but how do you offer excellent customer service?


  1. Your Support Team

Choosing a support team that is staffed by empathetic and skilled customer service agents is essential to your B2B relationships. Your customer service team are the front line of your business. These people should be given the tools to report customer needs, concerns, and praise.

Rather than using AI to respond to your clients, real people who are well trained and versed in your business and operations will boost your R&D, marketing and sales.


  1. Add Value

Your marketing strategy should focus on how your product or service adds value, rather than the price point. Your product or service offers a unique value to your clients; know what that value is and how it can transform your clients’ business. When you can communicate the solutions that your business offers your client, you develop working relationships than can engender loyalty in the long term.


  1. Invite Your Clients

One of the best ways to innovate is by listening to what your clients are saying. If you want to know what they like, what could be improved, what they need and why they are choosing you as their B2B partner, invite them to tell you.

Loyal customers will take the time to answer your questions if you give them the space to answer you. Send a survey email or host a gathering, there are many ways to interact with your clients and give them the opportunity to communicate with you. Your clients are your business, so let them tell you what they want.


  1. Resist Temptation

When your business is first tasting success, it can be tempting to grow ahead of your abilities. Rather than casting a wide net, it is prudent to focus on the segment that you have attracted. Narrowing your focus gives you time to develop your core business and develop relationships with the clients that make up your base segment. It is these clients who offer your business the best opportunity for stability and growth, so it is worth taking the time to focus on their needs before expanding.


  1. Change SaaS Relations

Service as a software has changed the customer service landscape. Subscription service providers have automated much of their ‘customer care’ responsibilities. While for some functions, such as payments or FAQ’s, this can be helpful, overall the use of chatbots has alienated customers.

Make your business better by offering real communication channels. Your churn rate is vital to your bottom line. One way to reduce your churn is by providing customer service that excels.


  1. Support Your Clients’ Success

As B2B partners, you have a real understanding of what the person on the other side of the interaction is facing. Just like you, your client is a person; treat them as such. When you support the growth of those businesses that support you, you are also supporting the future of your own business. There is enough success to go around. Have humanity in your actions; be discerning, but remember that B2B’s need each other to survive.


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